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The Shop / Hand Stitched 100% Cotton SOAP SAVERS - Two Pack

Hand Stitched 100% Cotton SOAP SAVERS - Two Pack


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Product Description

Our two pack of soap savers are stitched by hand using only 100% cotton. It's the ultimate soap on a rope luxury; washcloth and soap all-in-one! Saver your soap by hanging and allowing the cotton to absorb excess water away from the soap. The cotton material is gentle yet strong, thus providing the perfect amount of only necessary exfoliation and deep cleaning for your whole body. Your skin will love you for using this natural bathing accessory. Take your bathing experience to an entirely new level of luxury with our 100% cotton soap savers. They also make an excellent addition to a gift box! **Should you desire a specific color please email us at info@lathe.red**

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