It's All About The Organic Lather!

Our passion started from the severe lack of organic soap selection available. Lathered Organics is here to get you clean, without the use of chemicals. It time to start conveniently washing away the toxins and stop washing with them.  LATHER.RINSE.RELAX.


Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, and one of our most precious and delicate organs. Our skin absorbs into the bloodstream all that is applied. All it takes is a moment of research to realize just how alarmingly toxic and damaging the common chemical ingredients are that are used in the majority of commercial and "natural" soaps; carcinogenic preservatives, detergents, additives, synthetic colors, pesticide and more are all found in these "soaps."  As parents with little ones, we were so frustrated by the lack of truly natural, vegan, and organic options available on the market.

So, we became dedicated and passionate about building a subscription model that would affordably and conveniently put the highest quality of organic soap in the hands of everyone.

Give LATHERED ORGANICS a try today and support non-toxic bathing for yourself, your family, and all loved ones.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: info@lathe.red