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2 Detox & 2 Simply Pure full sized fascia release massage bars shipped to your door every month. Our detoxifying charcoal bar is powered with premium healing essential oils, skin loving and detoxing ingredients. Our Simply Pure bar is just that; pure and natural, Free & Clear, and 100% organic, to keep your most sensitive skin happy and healthy.


A lot goes into maintaining beautiful healthy skin, let Lathered help you to detox and nourish your skin down to the pour. We have created the perfect combination to aid in healing to promote protection and detoxification.


We carefully source our ingredients and use only the best skin healing essential oils, organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% vegan ingredients.
Just relax knowing you've provided your skin with everything it needs to feel and look great...organically!


I have extremely sensitive skin and have suffered from acne for years. The Detox bar has absolutely SAVED my skin!

Carrie Thorn, December 2015


I can't live without these soaps! Bare essentials for my morning and evening routine. I travel a lot for work, and the incredible Detox and Sensitive skin bars go with me every single time.

Jessica Johansson, January 2018


I've tried so many charcoal bars, to battle my acne and eczema, and no other bar has ever compared to Lathered's Detox bar. The healing tea tree and rosemary essential oils have been a life saver...my husband also loves to use this bar to shave with.

Samantha Marcus, July 2019

Our "NO" list:

We make our soaps in small batches to ensure fresh and high quality products are delivered to our treasured clients.  We also DO NOT USE PARABENS, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, SYNTHETIC DYES, PHTHALATES, GLUTEN, PARAFFIN, PABA, DEA, SULFATES, SLS OR ANY OTHER TOXINS FOUND IN COMMERCIAL CONVENTIONAL CARE PRODUCTS.

Our goal is to make the most exceptional, gentle, luxurious and organic soap with healing qualities accessible to everyone at an affordable cost.  Once someone realizes the advantages to using our products, it's impossible to go back to washing with chemicals.

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How often will I get this box?

With the start of every month

What makes Lathered Organic soaps the best?

It is expensive and time consuming to source fully certified organic ingredients to use in our soaps, but we know it's what we need to do.  You will not believe how soft and supple your skin will feel after using our soaps.  We are on a mission to put organic, chemical free soap in everyone's hands.

What's in the box?

Over a pound of pure organic premium soap.
2 Charcoal Detox and 2 Simply Pure bars.